Trump’s Hair: the Mystery of a Straw-like Mop

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Donald Trump's Hair Mystery

The combed and awkward direction of the hair suggests that it is a comb-over, not to mention its colour and unnatural movement. The most common questions were answered with a little research.

Is it Real, a Toupee, or a Comb-Over?

The billionaire Republican’s trademark style is a peculiar shade of yellow, cut unevenly, combed aggressively in an unusual direction, and does not stir in a breeze. It is hardly surprising that it is generally thought to be a comb-over, toupee or a hair transplant.

Amy Lasch, Trump’s former hairdresser, insists that the hair is all real and all his; no hair transplant or toupee. However, she did reveal a few interesting facts, least of which were that his family cut his hair and he styles it with too much lacquer so it becomes solid and matted.

The Aggressive Cowlick

The US President’s wheat-coloured locks are plastered on just about every category of the news pages: ‘Trump signs anti-abortion law’, ‘Trump calls for removal of climate protection plan’ and other political moves that make the world wince. So it’s hard to miss the hair plastered forward into a cowlick. Trump’s hairstyle has hardly changed since the 70s and he keeps it long to assert control over its direction from the roots.

Regardless, It has Influence

In hopes of bringing the plight of a newly discovered species of moth to light, researchers have named the southern Californian insect after Trump as they share the same distinctive hairstyle. The species, Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, is endangered as its natural habitat is losing the battle to dense human population.

Will Last Forever, Unfortunately

In other news, Madame Tussauds has a new waxwork figure on display. You’ve guessed it: it’s the 45th US President Donald Trump immortalised in wax. The original’s hairstyle might be real, but this replica sculpture’s is certainly not – it’s made of yak hair.

If we are to believe all the reports that Trump’s hair is real, he would not need any hair growth products such as Regaine foam to maintain the cotton candy-textured mass that is his infamous barnet.

Trump’s Hair loss Treatment

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