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The role of face masks in protecting against COVID

What is personal protection equipment? Personal protection equipment (PPE) consists of different garments or specialised items, commonly worn by healthcare staff and professionals in hospitals to reduce the risk of infection when exposed to viruses. PPE consists of specialised garments such as face masks, visors, gloves and gowns. PPE has become critical in helping to […]

The Coronavirus, the Flu and You

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus in China and consequential confirmed cases of the virus, emphasises the impending threat of a pandemic impacting global and personal health. The World Health Organisation has declared the coronavirus outbreak an ‘official global health emergency’, with over 17,000 confirmed cases, more than 361 fatalities in China and up to […]

Face Masks Vs Flu

he flu season is currently in full force. Common strategies consisting of vaccinations, maintaining a healthy diet, ensuring good hygiene and taking prescription medication are all widely acknowledged as useful strategies to avoid catching the flu. One strategy you may not be too familiar with or have considered is the use of the face mask. […]

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