Orthopedic Range



Product Highlights –
Helps fix the cannula, Reduces pain, Reduces infusion-related phlebitis

Manufacturer :  Imperial Private Limited

Pack size  :  1 Packet of 1 Bandage

Made In : INDIA



Product Highlights –
It is soothing and non-adherent,  It has no skin irritation, It aids in the healing process.

Manufacturer :  Precision Coatings Pvt Ltd

Pack size  :  Packet of 10 Gauzes

Made In : INDIA



Product Highlights –
It can help resist movement and usual knocks It allows undisturbed healing of bones, tissues and ligaments It is lightweight and durable
Manufacturer :  Bsn  Medical Private Ltd

Pack size  :  1 Packet Of 1 Cast Bandage

Made In : INDIA

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