How to Last Longer in Bed

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couple happy with lasting longer in bed

The duration of sexual intercourse is a topic that often raises concerns in men, typically around whether their sexual stamina matches up to the average, or more specifically their partner’s expectations. Anticipation and overexcitement can sometimes lead to an early ejaculation, putting an end to the act of sex before their partner has experienced an orgasm themselves. This frustrating condition, known as premature ejaculation (PE), is a type of sexual dysfunction whereby a man ejaculates too early, typically within 2 minutes of sexual intercourse. It can be both frustrating and embarrassing, and ultimately put a dampener on what is otherwise one of life’s greatest pleasures.

How long do most people last?

Locker room talk might leave you thinking that other men last hours on end before ejaculating, but this is unlikely to be the case. A 2005 study looked at the average intravaginal ejaculation latency time (time taken to ejaculate) of 500 heterosexual couples from USA, Netherlands, Turkey, and Spain. The researchers found that the overall median time between penetration and male ejaculation was 5.4 minutes, although there was a large range of average times spanning from 30 seconds all the way to 44 minutes. With the worldwide prevalence of PE approximately 30%, a large proportion of these men will have fallen in the sub 2 minute bracket.

How to control premature ejaculation and last longer

Where premature ejaculation differs from quick but healthy sex is in the element of control. Men with PE struggle to control early ejaculation, sometimes even after pulling out beforehand or thinking of non-sexual thoughts to delay their orgasm.

Whilst clinically proven treatment is the most effective method of delaying male climax, there are also numerous other considerations for improving your stamina.


Controlled masturbation may help to build up your sexual stamina if you tend to ejaculate too early. This is particularly effective if you have primary PE, meaning you’ve finished early ever since your first ejaculation, perhaps due to a strict upbringing regarding sex. Take time to get to know your body, getting familiar with the stimulation of the penis similar to that occurring through sex.

Another more immediate method of preventing PE is to masturbate shortly before engaging in sex, between 15 to 30 minutes before. Your PE might not occur after getting an ejaculation ‘out of the system’, meaning you’ll last longer with your partner and delay the time before ejaculating a second time.


Improving the pelvic floor muscles can increase ejaculatory control. One study found 82.5% of men were cured of their PE through rehabilitation of their pelvic floor muscles. This can be achieved through Kegel exercises; to isolate the pelvic floor muscles, stand in front of a mirror and try to raise your testicles by tensing your pelvic floor muscles unassisted. Once you get a feel for expanding and contracting these muscles, you can build this control by tightening and holding them contracted for 10 seconds, before releasing and repeating. A simple exercise you can do almost anywhere, this can really help to improve erectile function.

Key nutrients

There are a number of nutrients that contribute to a boost in sexual endurance. Capsaicin is a chemical irritant found in chilli peppers, sweet peppers and ginger root that helps promote endurance as well as speeding up recovery. The naturally occurring amino acid L-citrulline increases your strength and stamina, and may help maintain an erection. Foods with high L-citrulline levels include watermelons, onions, garlic, red meat and dark chocolate. B-vitamins, especially B-1, B-5 and B-12, help regulate the sex hormones and give your libido and performacne a boost. Our Vitamin B Complex contains all 3 of these stamina-enhancing variants.


  • Priligy
    Priligy is the first oral treatment for PE, containing the active ingredient dapoxetine hydrochloride, an SSRI. SSRI’s are used in the treatment of depression but act slower, whereas Priligy provides a temporary boost of serotonin and delays the ejaculation reflex.
  • STUD 100
    The STUD 100 spray contains a local anaesthetic that reduces the sensitivity of the penis when applied, helping to prolong sex. 3 to 8 sprays of the treatment 5 to 15 minutes before sex partially numbs the penis and helps achieve the desired results.
  • Specialised condoms
    Condoms that specifically aim to delay the male ejaculation are widely available. Durex Extra Safe condoms not only provide more peace of mind during intercourse, but the thicker material helps to reduce penis sensitivity.

Other methods

  • Edging
    When masturbating, practice getting close to orgasm and then stopping masturbating to bring things back under control. Repeating this process a couple of times when masturbating will help build up your stamina and control when it comes to sexual intercourse. Just make sure to use an adequate amount of Lube to avoid chafing.
  • The squeeze
    Just before orgasm, stop and squeeze firmly just below the head of the penis, putting pressure on the underside of the penis. This momentarily pushes out the blood from the head of the penis and reduces sexual stimulation temporarily, allowing you to regain control.
  • Certain sexual positions
    Avoid positions like doggy style that can provide too much stimulation by going very deep, and opt for more shallow penetration positions like the Lotus or the Coital Alignment Technique.
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