Are you prepared to QUIT?

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quitting smoking


Ensure all environments you have control over have been suitably cleaned and any scent of tobacco removed. If you plan to reduce your cigarette usage before quitting entirely then consider taking breaks from smoking at times you may normally smoke. This will challenge your existing habits, giving you the chance to implement new regimes.


Follow a regime you are comfortable with and which is designed to mitigate withdrawal symptoms by planning supplementary activities to keep your mind and body occupied. We recommend practicing meditation every morning and evening for 5-10 minutes and at anypoint you feel a craving. Give yourself a target to exercise moderately for at least twenty minutes every day, and have at least three hour long slots in your week for uninterrupted exercise. Seek medical supervision from your local surgery as they will be able to recommend the right medications to suit your needs and get you 1 to 1 smoking support which is vital in increasing your chances of quitting for good and can be highly effective when combined with Pharmacotherapy.

Shopping list

Milk & Dairy A glass of milk makes smoking less palatable
Ginseng Tea Reduces the impact of nicotine-induced dopamine in the brain
Air popped popcorn Reduces hunger pangs experienced during cessation
Frozen grapes The healthiest way to deal with sweet cravings
Cinnamon sticks Provides plenty of flavour, disrupting the taste of smoking
High fibre beans Protein and fiber rich beans can help mitigate weight gain

Sin List

Alcohol Alcohol reduces inhibitions and can make lapses far easier
Low calorie foods Reducing calorie intake could increase your cigarette usage
Meat Meat can improve the taste of smoking, and fuel deforestation
Caffeine Caffeine is a stimulant and improves the flavour of smoking



Perhaps the most difficult part of quitting can come when your peers also smoke. Avoid going somewhere you can smoke during your lunch break. Avoid pubs and clubs until your cravings have subsided such that you can comfortably exercise the willpower not to smoke around heavy users. Identify your own social triggers, and ensure you have a plan of action if you feel cravings. Plan social activities in non-smoking environments.

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