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What are pregnancy vitamins?

Pregnancy vitamins are supplements that contain the essential nutrients you need for conception and during a woman’s pregnancy

What is Pregnacare Him & Her Conception?

Pregnacare Him & Her Conception contains two specially-formulated multivitamins – one for men, the other for women – designed to help support fertility, contribute to the growth of maternal tissue, and provide the essential nutrients needed for healthy conception and pregnancy.

For men, each tablet contains zinc, which contributes to normal fertility and helps maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood. In addition, the selenium in each male tablet contributes to normal spermatogenesis – the creation of mature sperm.

For women, each tablet contains zinc, which contributes to normal fertility. Each female tablet also includes the 400µg of folic acid recommended by the UK Department of Health for women trying to have a baby.

Alongside expert-picked ingredients to help conception, Pregnacare Him & Her Conception also contains a host of crucial nutrients to keep the body healthy and prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy. Vitamin E helps support muscle function and healthy bones, while vitamins C and D can help keep your immune system healthy and repair body tissue.

What are the benefits of Pregnacare Him & Her Conception?

  • Designed by experts to support conception
  • Includes male and female variants
  • Contains zinc, which is clinically proven to support fertility
  • Contains selenium, which contributes to the production of mature sperm
  • Has the government-recommended 400µg of folic acid for women trying to conceive
  • Contains crucial nutrients to prepare the body for pregnancy

How should I take Pregnacare Him & Her Conception?

Suitable for women of childbearing age and adult men. Take one tablet per day with water and a meal.

This supplement should not be taken as a replacement for a healthy diet.



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