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Product Type :  Glucose Meter

Use For   Determining the blood sugar level in the body

Pack size  : 1 (Device)

Manufacturer : Wockhardt Ltd

Made In : INDIA



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Product highlights

Helps to measure the blood glucose level

The device is patient-friendly and easy to use

Stores up to 1000 test results

Gives reliability, accuracy, and stability to the user

Has a large backlit LCD screen


Information about Sugarchek Combo Pack of Advance Glucometer with 10 Strips

Sugarchek Combo Pack of Advance Glucometer with 10 Strips helps in the development of an individualized blood glucose profile and diabetic regimen planning. It helps patients to make appropriate day-to-day treatment choices in diet and physical activity as well as in insulin or other agents. It also improves patients’ recognition of hypoglycemia or severe hyperglycemia.

It is a small, portable machine that is used to measure blood glucose levels.

Product Specifications and Features:Sugarchek Advance Glucometer contains a host of patient-friendly features and is very easy to use

One-Touch Operation: It is easy to operate with an ergonomic design

Large Backlit LCD Screen: It is easy to view test results even for elderly and retinopathy patients

1000 Results Storage: The patients can review the test results with date and time

Technology: FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase technology (FAD – GDH)

Reliability: The Sugarchek strips are loaded with FAD-dependent Glucose Dehydrogenase technology (FAD-GDH). It is a trusted technology over years with high stability enzyme and least interference from other sugars

Accuracy: Sugarchek strips have the smallest reaction zone which significantly reduces the reading errors due to incomplete filling and ensures accurate results in the first attempt

Stability: The Sugarchek strips are most stable packed in vials which protect the enzyme in the strips from extreme temperatures of 2 to 50°C and can be used up to 90 days once the vial is opened

Directions For Use:
Use as directed on the label. 

Safety Information:
Read the instructions carefully before use

Keep away from children

Avoid physical damage

Store in a clean and dry place


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Pack size  – 1

pack form  – device


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Information Leaflet

Always read the patient information leaflet before commencing treatment.

Important: We advise you to always read the patient information leaflet inside the medication box, as the generic medication may not always entirely match the patient information leaflet listed. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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