What is Sterimar Breathe Easy Isotonic Nasal Spray?

Sterimar Breathe Easy is a 100% natural, isotonic, sea water based nasal spray, which is free from drugs, steroids and preservatives.

What is Sterimar Nasal Spray used for?

Sterimar spray provides effective relief from the symptoms of hay fever, colds and congestion. It gently cleanses the nasal passages, eliminating impurities such as dust, mucus and allergens. Daily use can improve breathing, quality of sleep, and helps to prevent nose, throat and ear disorders such as hay fever and the common cold.

Who Is Sterimar Nasal Spray for?

Sterimar is a natural isotonic formula suitable for daily use in adults and children 3 years and over. It can also be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, and may be recommended following nose surgery. Sterimar Breathe Easy can be used with other medication, and is also suitable for vegans.

How to use Sterimar Nasal Spray

Sterimar has a unique nozzle that sprays the solution in fine droplets further up the nose for increased efficacy. To use, simply:

  1. Prime the spray by pressing the nozzle (into the air).
  2. Spray once or twice in each nostril.
  3. Let any excess solution flow out and then blow your nose.
  4. Clean the nozzle after application with soapy water, rinse and dry.
  5. Repeat up to six times a day as needed.
  6. Use for as long as required or as recommended by your doctor.


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