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What is Pirinase?

Pirinase Nasal Spray provides powerful relief from hay fever, with regular use it can prevent the onset of symptoms. Pirinase is an intranasal corticosteroid, it contains fluticasone propionate for an anti-inflammatory effect that works to control the body’s inflammatory response to allergens. Pirinase is highly effective at providing symptomatic relief from sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, nasal congestion and a runny nose.

What are the benefits of using Pirinase?

  • Provides allergy relief lasting up to 24 hours.
  • Treats and prevents hay fever.
  • Helps to control inflammation caused by common allergens such as pollen, mould spores, dust mites and pet dander.

How do I use Pirinase?

One dose daily is recommended. A single dose consists of two spray’s into each nostril. Shake the Pirinase bottle gently before use. In some cases, two doses per day may be necessary following consultation with a doctor or pharmacist.

Do not use this nasal spray continuously for more than 3 months without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

More Information

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 Information Leaflet

Always read the patient information leaflet before commencing treatment.


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