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What is Clarityn?

Clarityn is a treatment taken once a day for effective relief against hay fever symptoms. Clarityn contains the non-drowsy antihistamine loratadine, which helps to rapidly clear hay fever and allergy symptoms. Clarityn provides reliable relief from a runny nose, itchy water eyes, sneezing and an itchy nose or throat.

What are the benefits of using Clarityn?

  • Relief that lasts all day.
  • Works fast for effective hay fever symptom relief.
  • Clarityn taken once a day is all that’s needed.

How do I use Clarityn?

Take one tablet with water daily.

Does Clarityn cause drowsiness?

As Clarityn is considered a less-sedating antihistamine, it is not expected to cause drowsiness at the recommended dose. However, some people may experience drowsiness. You should not drive or operate machinery if affected.

Who should not take Clarityn?

Clarityn should not be taken if you are allergic to loratadine or any other ingredient. Do not take in pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Talk to your doctor before taking Clarityn if you have liver disease or if you are scheduled to have any skin tests for allergies.


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